February 6, 2012

New minis and some painting

Today is a day with several posts as several things are going on that should be mentioned.

After my initial post about the Panzer IV it's time to show off some new minis from Uncle Mike and Strange Aeons.

These little cuties came in the post recently and I'm desperately trying to find the time to do some more painting, however at the moment time is a limited resource :) Anyways, here are the minis.

from left to right these are: Maniac Santa (X-mas limited edition miniature), zombie priest, zombie, zombie bride, another zombie (reminds me of the boomers from L4D2) and in front a zombie dog. So as you can see a lot of zombie goodness.

Another thing I want to show today is some things I just painted up. At the time the pics were taken a liberal amount of devlan mud had been applied to the pieces, so when that dries up they'll recieve a final highlight of some golden nuance.

As the more observant probably have noticed the pieces are from GW's Dreadfleet. And yes, the truth cannot be hidden, at times I'm still a GW fanboy, although I try to limit that to these limited run board games such as Dreadfleet and of course Space Hulk when that was re-released a few years back.

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