February 20, 2012

Another ship ready

Well finally I got around to taking a picture of the 2nd ship I've painted for Dreadfleed. This time it's Grimnir's Thunder.

More or less a simple model to paint, or a limited palette at least since there are details aplenty to feast your brush on ;)

I've painted the hull with a base of Vallejo Gunmetal and the gold parts with a mix of shining gold and charred earth (this really enhances the ability of the gold to cover the underlying paint). The machinery was painted with GW tin bitz and the balloon on the dirigbles with wolf grey.  A quick wash with devlan mud and some highlights and drybrushing and that was it.

And the result, well judge for yourself.


  1. Looks good, I've been trying to gather my courage to paint these up. Good to see that it's not that hard :). Maybe during summer I'll try.

  2. They are actually not that bad to paint, and liberal use of washes works wonders on any model ;)