February 16, 2012

A little something in the mail

Today (or rather this morning at 7:30 AM) the doorbell rang and a letter was delivered. The object of such early delivery was upon opening the letter was this:

Yes the 3rd edition of Flames of War as a handy A5 format rulebook..free of charge (except postage that is). Along with the book also came this little sticker.

It is however, a truth with a large amount of modification that I'm a FoW veteran. Yes I own the v2 rulebook and I've read it, but I've yet to try out a single game of FoW ;)

Anyways, something else has arrived too, something which I've eagerly awaited for quite a while now.

Yes it is 28 mm napoleonic miniatures for some Black Powder/Waterloo gaming. So far my force consists of 2 battalions of line infantry and some heavy cavalry. Nothing impressive but a start at least and hopefully I'll have these opened up and ready for painting soon.

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