June 1, 2012

Sedition Wars at Kickstarter

So if you haven't heard it already Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is currently on Kickstarter. Battle for Alabaster will be a sci-fi boardgame with Vanguard troopers against the mutated creatures called the Strain. The game is developed and the miniatures sculpted by Mike McVey and they are very cool. Check out the video below for an intro to the game and some shots of the miniatures.

Currently the kickstarter is running for 29 more days and in the past 5 days it has already reached almost $110k which really is quite impressive. From the kickstarter you can get the game for a $100 pledge, and I think the miniatures alone are almost worth that pledge, so I'll be considering this game very seriously.

Anyways in case you're curious check out the KS link here: Kickstarter link

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