January 16, 2012

So that didn't really kick of very well

Well all the best intentions and nothing came out of that initial attempt to get a blog going. Anyways, time for round 2 here in 2012. So far there are a few projects already competing for my attention (and this is only the miniature related projects) but I guess I'll try to spread my time a little over them.

First of all I'm eagerly awaiting some 28mm napoleonics from Perry Miniatures. Some french line infantry and som calavry, then we're going to give Black Powder and perhaps Waterloo from Warhammer Historical a spin.

Secondly I took the opportunity at Horisont III in November to stock up on Dystopian Wars so now I have two fleets lying ready for priming and painting. However, while they are in "dry-dock" they have gained the full attention of my son who finds it so very fun to play with daddy's warships...playing AND learning, for we have now discovered that ships are not just ships, but there are frigates, cruisers and battleships (or well the equivalent danish words at least), so for now I think I'll let him have his fun with the DW minis.

Finally, and this one just put all my other projects on hold. SAGA vikings, these I just have to get painted ASAP. Currently the minis are based and tonight I hope I might add weapons to the hands of the brave and fierce vikings.

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